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Author, Author Shine Out Loud, New Audio Book with Pittsburgh Connection

An Exciting Announcement, New Audio Book with Pittsburgh Connection


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We have just released the audiobook version of Beyond All Price, which was our all-time Kindle bestseller.   Here's a message about it  from Adrianne Price, who narrated the book.  Turn up your sound and listen here.

In connection with that release, we will have several free copies of the audiobook to give away to those who have entered their names on our website. The random drawing will be held early next week, so there's little time to lose.  Click here right now to add your name and be entered in that contest.

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Award Winning Military Historical Novel Author Completes Trilogy

If you’ve always wanted to know what happened to that baby born in FLYING SOLO, the wait is over!   WAITING IN THE WINGS answers all of your questions!   Explore a journey of loss and love regained!  Get your copy of this five star, page turner today!  If you order from AgeView Press, you can get the signed  boxed set for 29.99!  Just click here!  What a superb Christmas gift!   Remember proceeds from the sale of these books to support the USO and Vietnam Veterans! 

Thanks so much for your support!  - and as always, if you have read this wonderful books, please post a couple of sentences as a review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! 

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Author, Author, Shine Out Loud Guest, Fran Hawthorne, On Being an Ethical Consumer


Interviewed by Joanne Quinn-Smith

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Moving from California to New Jersey to New York, Fran Hawthorne has spent more than 25 years covering health care, politics, finance, and the nexus of business and social activism, as an editor and writer at Fortune, BusinessWeek, the Bergen Record, and Institutional Investor (where she’s now a senior contributing writer). Her award-winning  fifth book, Ethical Chic: The Inside Story of the Companies We
Fran Hawthorne
Think We Love
, was named one of the best books of 2012 by Library Journal.  Among her other books are the award-winning Pension Dumping  (Bloomberg Press) and Inside the FDA: The Business and Politics Behind the Drugs We Take and the Food We Eat (John Wiley & Sons). In addition, Hawthorne writes regularly for The New York Times, Newsday,The Scientist, Chief Executive magazine, Crain’s New York Business, and other publications. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Berkeley.


ETHICAL CHIC      American Library Association:  One of the Best of the Best of the University Presses
PENSION DUMPING   won 2 awards:
                      Book of the Year--Business & Economics (bronze), 2008, ForeWord magazine
                      Excellence in Financial Journalism: Books (first place), 2009, New York State Society of                             Certified Public Accountants

General consumer issues:

1.Many people feel like it’s pointless to try to be an ethical consumer. “What difference does my one plastic bag make to the vast problem of climate change?” One reply is: “If all of this show’s listeners brought one reusable canvas bag to the grocery store each time they shopped, instead of taking a new plastic bag, they would together save tons of gallons of petroleum.” But there’s also a bigger answer. We can’t give up. Yes, government and industry must do their part, and their parts are much bigger than ours, but the problems are so huge that we must all share in the solution. And we can’t start by carefully considering what, where, and how we consumer and shop.

2. Another concern I hear frequently is: “I care about so many issues – saving energy, alternative energy, recycling, sweatshops, animal products, organic goods …. How can I find a store or product that’s perfect in all these categories?” Of course you can’t! So you have to set a few top priorities, and then find the best possible products and merchants (which my books try to help you do).

Company by company in Ethical Chic

Ethical Chic: The Inside Story of the Companies We Think We Love analyzes six well-known companies with a reputation for being socially responsible as well as “cool,” to see if they deserve those reputations. Here are the main talking points for each:


Apple customers worship Steve Jobs, and love their i-gizmos so much, that they want to assume that Apple has been as much of a pioneer in ethical issues as it has been in tech. But that’s just not true. It was one of the last tech companies to pay attention to environmental concerns, and it ignored the horrible working conditions in Chinese factories for years.


Starbucks is a fascinating set of contradictions. Yes, its employees get health insurance and stock options, and it is constantly seeking new ways to be green. But it seems blind to some basics. It doesn’t do enough to encourage reusable cups. It fought union drives in very nasty ways. And why does it still sell bottled water?

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s violates almost every precept of a socially responsible business: It’s part of a secretive, big, multinational chain. It does not buy local. It sells pre-cooked food that requires extra packaging and handling. It isn’t union. It isn’t all organic. And yet, ethical customers love it because it’s fun (and cheap).

American Apparel

Hopefully, the recent, headline-making changes will solve American Apparel’s biggest problem -- by firing its CEO, Dov Charney, a really creepy guy accused of multiple charges of sexual harassment – while maintaining the company’s strengths: Hip clothing made in California under really good working conditions, with strong support for immigrants’ rights.

Timberland and Tom’s of Maine

Both of these are truly stand-out companies that provide a model for ethical businesses: They strive to reduce energy consumption, use natural ingredients, and treat their workers well. The worry is that both have been bought by bigger conglomerates. Will their new owners maintain these ethical standards?

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