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What’s it like when Steelers fans live in Ravens territory?, Women’s fiction novel makes for cozy fall read

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Women’s fiction novel makes for cozy fall read

What’s it like when Steelers fans live in Ravens territory? How did
Washingtonians live through the tense weeks of October 2002?
Letting Go: The Maryland Shores depicts life at the one-year mark after
9/11 and the anxiety in Maryland during the DC sniper attacks.

“Every book has its tension, and having just moved to Maryland around 9/11, I could certainly
describe that,” says Loriann Oberlin, who writes fiction under the pen name of Lauren
Monroe. “The story focuses on the heroine Maren— a young widow solo parenting a child
through this anxious time. Steve Kramer is the decisive surgeon she meets who convinces her
to become a co-worker and much more. No spoilers…it’s a romance!”

A former Pittsburgher, Oberlin also conveys what it’s like to have team loyalties that don’t
exactly coexist with the color scheme of area fans. “I actually do wear a lot of purple so I get
called a closet Ravens fan,” she admits. “Rest assured, I think it’s great for everyone to
display enthusiasm for their individual teams, and by adding a very famous football rivalry to
the storyline, I had a lot of fun with that.”

Two dozen reviews on display reader enjoyment of this novel as it:
• features realistic, believable characters you can sense chemistry between.
• paints a scenic, relaxing and very nautical portrait of the Chesapeake Bay.
• includes spot-on references to the hospital workplace, Pittsburgh favorites, and even
Disney World that adds to the characterization.
• remains a favorite that readers have gifted for special occasions, recommended to
friends and book clubs and posted about on Pinterest, Facebook, and Goodreads.

The author has contributed to national bridal, airline, and women’s magazines in addition to
writing non-fiction books on serious challenges such as relationships, divorce and anger. She
also has a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a career as a therapist.
“Combining the romantic and travel writing I did for women with the relationship knowledge
I’ve gained has made this a really fun project. I’m working on Book Two of the series, which
readers already want to read. Always a good sign,” she says. Her name symbolizes her start
in Monroeville, outside of Pittsburgh. Visit

Letting Go: The Maryland Shores by Lauren Monroe (2014)
$3.99 Kindle/ISBN: 978-0-9912822-0-3
$16.99 Paperback/316 pages/ISBN: 978-0-9912822-1-0

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