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Author Author Shine Out Loud, Pulitzer Prize Entrant Rich Hunter, Air Force Veteran Author of FIREHAMMER


      27 years as US Air Force, fighter pilot, all active duty gave Ric Hunter a rich arsenal of experience and stories to tell. Why 27 years in active military? Well Ric
says he was just having too much fun with amazing assignments. But one assignment that would not be considered "fun" was his time as a fighter pilot at the end of the Viet Nam Conflict. As a freelance writer his myriad experience became articles on aviation and the Viet Nam War and some of these became part of his historical fiction novel, FIREHAMMER.

FIREHAMMER is based on a true story of two high school best friends who parted ways on graduation. Tim joined the Marines in the height of the Vietnam War. Randy went to college and later became a fighter pilot. When Tim is killed at nineteen by a Vietnamese sniper, Randy vows to even the score. Firehammer is the nick-name of Tim’s Zippo lighter that Randy carries during several combat engagements, including the last battle of the war when his flight of four Phantoms helps rescue Marines trapped on bloody Koh Tang Island. Spoiler Alert: At the end of the novel, Randy places the Zippo at panel 9E of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. What happens between Randy's first combat flight and his visit to the Memorial is mesmerizing enough to have earned, the author, Ric, a Pulitzer nomination.

Native—sort of.
·        27-year active duty, 8 years Civil Service
·        3 generations of career Air Force
·        4000 hrs in fast movers in 20 years, most in the F-15 “Eagle”
              Why I wrote FIREHAMMER and what it is about:
·        Magazine feature articles
·        Critique Group in Panama City, Florida—books, can I go the distance?
·        9-11 interruption
·        Not a self-published “Memoir,” although there are many good ones out there.
·        What is FIREHAMMER about?
·        Publisher to submit for a Pulitzer and a couple of movie companies are giving it a look
40th anniversary of the events in this book are coming up next year
Write your story! People write their stories for many reasons: therapy, for the decendants, as a hobby or to sell.
·        First person military stories are good sellers!
·        Just start writing a little every day and join a group
My Presentations:  Power Point and video called, “Come Fly With Me: the F-4 Phantom II and the Last Battle of Vietnam.”
FIREHAMMER is available on Amazon in both print and digital versions

"A fighter without a like an airplane without a wing. " B/G Robin Olds



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