Sunday, March 22, 2015

Author, Author Shine Out Loud, New and Noteworthy Book, "Gift of Holiday Valley"

Merry and Christmas are two delightful friends who em-body the spirit of Christmas in a town that revels in what we know as Christmas Spirit year round. They just don’t know that it’s anything other than their traditional way of life. Until one day their curiosity about the outside world gets the best of them.

This leads them on a journey of discovery that is hardly what they expected. Could it be that their journey and discoveries bring major change to Holiday Valley and the outside world?

Well that’s a spoiler alert. Just know that there is a rule in Holiday Valley about not visiting “The Outside” for a reason.

“A great allegory with symbolic characters, actions and imagery that will captivate young readers and still teach a great lesson. “

Joanne Quinn-Smith, National Small Business Administra-tion Journalist of the Year

"The Gift of Holiday Valley" by JoAnn R. Forrester is both charming and clever. More importantly, the author presents the notion that holidays are opportunities to reach out to others in warm and lov-ing ways regardless of your ethnicity, religion, or nationality. To read this book is to smile!"

Joyce Faulkner, Award-winning Author of "In the Shadow of Suri-bachi," "Windshift," and "USERNAME" and former president of Mili-tary Writers Society of America

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The Gift of Holiday Valley

Jul 10, 2014
by Joann R. Forrester and Joyce Faulkner
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