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Author, Author Shine Out Loud! Children's Book Illustrator Turned Author

Description: Get your coffee, put down your paper and meet an author. Find out what makes them tick, feel, emote, write, succeed. Ask the questions you always wanted to ask an author right here. This is the Authors Chance to Shine Out Loud and not just on the pages of his or her book

Author, Author Shine Out Loud! 

Children's Book Illustrator Turned Author

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Someday I’ll Fly
Book Bio

In 1943, during World War II, ordinary little girls are expected to learn to cook, sew, and play with be more­—to help her brother and all the other soldiers. When Pam meets the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots, she discovers exactly what she wants to be when she grows up. She even begins to build her very own plane. But when her friend becomes sick, Pam has to decide what is most important to her.
dolls. But Pam wants to do more, to

An adaptation of WINDSHIFT by Joyce Faulkner

Written and Illustrated by Rebecca Evans
©2014 Rebecca Evans
Red Engine Press

Rebecca Evans
Professional Bio

Rebecca Evans is an illustrator and author living in Maryland. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Art from Messiah College with a concentration in Drawing and Illustration in 2000, and also completed coursework from the Tyler School of Art. She worked for nine years as an artist and designer before returning to her first love: children’s book illustration and writing. Her experience includes illustrating and authoring children’s books, teaching art at the local Art Center, and publishing artwork with magazines and multiple publishing houses. She regularly speaks at elementary schools and shares her love of literature and art with children. She is also a member of the SCBWI. She lives in Maryland and enjoys spending time with her husband and three young children, and working from her home studio. You can view her work at

About the Author

Rebecca has been an illustrator for 6 years and however is her debut as an author/illustrator

As a child she always wanted to be an artist.

Rebecca attended Messiah College and graduated with a degree in Drawing and Illustration.

She worked as a graphic designer for 9 years before returning to her  first love – drawing.
She is married with 4 children, 2 biological, 2 adopted.

She loved being a mom but felt that an important part of me was missing after so many years of not creating art.

It was frightening to begin a new career with 2 small children with a 3rd on the way.

It was a challenge to find herself again as an artist and then learn about the publishing field.

It was also a challenge to learn to balance her “Mom” job and her illustration job.

About the book:

This book takes place during a time where women’s options were limited but some women strove to break the mold

Rebecca wanted to write this book because she believes there is a lot we can learn by looking at strong women in history and what they accomplished against the odds.

The story about WWII and the women’s Air Force service pilots is written from the perspective a little girl, giving children the opportunity to identify with history.

This book teaches that helping others and putting others before yourself is the greatest accomplishment.

 “Girl Power” theme encouraging girls that they can do anything they set their mind to. 

This book encourages children to strive to be more than “ordinary”, that only by being different can we be extraordinary.

This book is based off the Novel Windshift by Joyce Faulkner.

Rebecca Evans
Rebecca Evans LLC

443-618-7764 (business cell)
Rebecca Evans LLC


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